Dental Implants Cost

Implant dentistry is considered an ideal solution for numerous women and men interested in replacing missing and/or significantly damaged teeth. Intended to act like a natural tooth root, dental implants are small, durable titanium posts positioned in the space created by the original tooth or teeth. Once placed, these posts eventually fuse to the jawbone, establishing a strong anchor for a customized restoration to be fixed in place. Based on each patient’s needs, dental implants can be used to secure a single crown, a dental bridge, or even dentures.

The overall cost of dental implants will be dependent upon how many implants are needed to replace one’s affected teeth and restore their smile. Additional factors that can influence the total expense of treatment include the geographical location of the practice, the training and experience of the dentist, whether or not prerequisite care such as tooth extraction or bone grafting is needed, the specific restoration being used to replace the affected tooth or teeth, and the caliber of the technology and materials utilized to perform the procedure.

For individuals interested in dental implants at Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn, one of our New Jersey dentists will first perform an extensive oral evaluation to determine if implant dentistry would be an effective tooth replacement option. If they decide this treatment would be ideal, they can then offer a close estimate of the complete cost based on the details of the proposed plan.

To help make dental implants an affordable reality for patients, our practice offers several dental financing options that can spread out the overall cost of treatment in the event the procedure is not fully or partially covered by insurance. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to walk you through your payment plan choices and help you get started on the application process, enabling you to move forward with treatment as soon as you desire.

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