How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

InfographicWhether you were playing sports, suffered a fall, or bit down on a hard piece of food, the feeling of panic that accompanies a chipped tooth is the same. While a broken or cracked tooth can certainly be a cause for alarm, patients in Fair Lawn and surrounding areas can rest easy knowing the cosmetic dentists at Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn have a number of non-surgical solutions to restore the full proportions of an injured tooth and ultimately repair your smile.

Small cracks and minor chips that do not affect your ability to bite can often be addressed with porcelain dental veneers, a simple yet highly effective technique to treat minor flaws in the tooth structure. A porcelain veneer is a high-quality porcelain shell that is custom-crafted, then bonded to the front of the affected tooth. Veneers can be very strong and provide a durable and long-lasting solution to conceal your chipped tooth. Treatment is often completed in less than two office visits and the results can be so natural-looking that many patients forget that their veneers are in place. Plus, porcelain veneers can be used to simultaneously lengthen short teeth or mask discoloration.

On the other hand, a chipped tooth that causes pain, compromises the tooth structure, or weakens the integrity of your bite often requires a more restorative solution, such as a porcelain crown. Functioning as strong coverings or “caps” placed over the tooth structure, porcelain crowns can strengthen and protect affected teeth against future damage. They are also crafted to match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth for a natural-looking result that blends in perfectly with your smile. After evaluating the damage to your injured tooth, our cosmetic dentists can suggest the best treatment option to repair your chipped tooth. No matter what your needs are, the team at Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn can formulate a customized treatment plan to resolve imperfections in your smile.

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