Humanitarian Missions

Giving back is important to our team at Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn. Our very own cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jody Bardash, is currently a member of the Health & Humanitarian Health Aid Foundation (HHAF). This organization provides “pro bono” care both nationally and internationally. The HHAF has treated hundreds of adults and children with facial deformities and disease, and has provided the full spectrum of surgical care for those in need. The medical and dental care is performed by the HHAF’s team of highly skilled surgeons and dentists, including Dr. Bardash.

The HHAF missions are a great way for dentists and other medical professionals to utilize their talents to provide services to those in desperate need of them. For the past few years, the HHAF has concentrated their efforts in West Africa. Dr. Bardash has visited the Odumasi village, near Cape Coast in Ghana, Africa.

The people of the Odumasi village were in great need of medical and dental care because of their poor living conditions. During the humanitarian mission, Dr. Bardash worked together with a team to help improve the oral health of the villagers. He was able to treat and sterilize their dental infections, although the conditions were not optimal. He worked hard in extreme heat with limited equipment, but they managed with what they had and were able to accomplish much more than he thought was possible. Dr. Bardash says he was humbled by the experience, and glad he was able to help so many people during his time there.

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