TMJ Disorder Treatment Options


The first step to finding relief from pain caused by TMJ disorder (TMD) is to receive a proper diagnosis. Oftentimes, the cause of condition is unknown and the symptoms of TMD are not necessarily isolated to the jaw or head. Consequently, a comprehensive oral examination by a dentist familiar with TMD can be vital for finding a treatment method that works for you.

At Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn, our dentists thoroughly examine the movement of the jaw; listen for clicking, popping, or grating sounds; check the occlusion of your teeth; and assess your facial muscles to help locate the exact source of your discomfort. Once this examination is complete—and if TMJ disorder is diagnosed—a number of TMD treatment options can be used to relieve your symptoms, such as:

  • Night guards to prevent clenching or grinding
  • Bite-realignment appliances
  • Orthodontics
  • Restorative dental care
  • Oral surgery
  • Medications
  • BOTOX® and/or trigger point injections to relieve tension

To learn more about how our TMD treatment options can provide you with relief and help you improve the overall quality of your life, please schedule an appointment with us today.

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