How Long Do the Results of Teeth Whitening Last?

shutterstock_182113193Following ZOOM!® or KöR® in-office teeth whitening treatments here at Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn, you can typically expect  your results to last for approximately six months to a year, depending on your particular personal habits. For instance, if your diet consists of a lot of berries and/or other high-staining foods, or if you tend to drink beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine on a frequent basis, you may start to notice the yellowing and/or discoloration of your teeth somewhat faster than someone who doesn’t consume a large amount of these items. In addition, smoking and/or the use of other tobacco products may lead to visible staining quicker than normal. For these reasons, it is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene and be cognizant of what you eat and drink in order to prolong your teeth whitening results.

Another factor that can impact the length of your teeth whitening outcome is regular maintenance via at-home treatments. To aid with this, our dentists can provide you with ZOOM!® NiteWhite – a professional at-home whitening product – and custom trays made from a mold of your teeth. Based on your unique needs and goals, this effective method can be used at your own convenience to help preserve the shade of white you desire for your teeth.

Ultimately, the longevity of teeth whitening results will vary by individual, but the best advice for prolonging your outcome is to pay close attention to your diet, take care of your teeth through proper oral hygiene, and follow your dentist’s specific instructions in regard to routine at-home maintenance.

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