Dr. Bardash Published in Angel on Earth

We feel so lucky to have our very own “Angel on Earth.” Dr Bardash was recently published in Laura Schroff’s most recent book. Kindness ripples. We are so proud of him. See the full chapter below!



“My name is Maurice Mazyck and my life is the subject of a recent New York Times bestselling book, An Invisible Thread. The book tells the story of how, when I was 11 years old and panhandling on a New York City street in 1986, I met a woman named Laura Schroff who helped me see a better future for myself. Not long ago, Laura gave a speech at the Frisch School in New Jersey. She showed a video about the hardships in my life, and about how Laura and I are still friends 27 years after we met. The next time Laura went to the Frisch School, I went with her. I got to meet Talia Bardash, the young student who invited Laura to speak at the school. And I also got to meet her father, Dr. Jody Bardash. Dr. Bardash is a really good dentist, and he noticed I had a cracked front tooth. Then he surprised me by telling me he wanted to fix my tooth. I couldn’t believe he was offering to help me for free, just because of what a kind person he is. When I went to Dr. Bardash’s office I met the most professional staff you could ever meet. Dr. Bardash himself was so pleasant and so friendly, I forgot I was even in a dentist’s office. Dr. Bardash saw that my cracked tooth made me not want to smile, and he told me he was going to fix it. He performed a root canal (no pain at all) and made a partial tooth, and then he put in a crown and a porcelain veneer. It was a lot of work. But when he was done I had the most beautiful front tooth. When I looked in a mirror for the first time I could hardly believe I was looking at myself. I was so used to having to hide my broken tooth, but now I could smile the biggest, most beautiful smile. Dr. Bardash made it so I wasn’t afraid to smile anymore. I think Dr. Bardash did more than just fix my tooth. I think he performed a kind of miracle. I think Dr. Bardash performs a lot of little miracles every day. He gives people confidence in themselves, and he allows people to stop hiding who they really are. He brings a lot of happiness into the world. And if that isn’t a miracle, what is? I know I can’t ever thank Dr. Bardash enough for what he did for me, but I want to try anyway. He is a real philanthropist who cares about people and goes out of his way to help them. Like Laura Schroff, who helped me overcome a lot in my life, Dr. Bardash has a really big heart. I feel blessed to be able to say that I know him, and I feel honored to be able to call him a friend. And on top of all that Dr. Bardash is an amazing dentist with an incredible practice. Thank you, Dr. Bardash, for everything you did for me. I will never forget it.”

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