A New Smile for an Unforgettable Patient

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet a young man named Maurice Mazyck. In the book, “An Invisible Thread,” Maurice’s good friend Laura Schroff writes about how she met Maurice in 1986 when he was only 11 years old, homeless, and panhandling on the street. Over time, Laura started to meet with Maurice regularly, and bring him food. 28 years later, Laura and Maurice are still good friends, with a mother and son-like relationship. They often travel together to share their story about how a random act of kindness brought them together and changed both of their lives.

My daughter, Talia, was touched by their story, and she decided to invite Laura and Maurice to speak at The Frisch School. During their visit, I was able to meet both of them, and I noticed Maurice was strategically smiling and speaking in a way that hid a broken tooth. Inspired by all he had overcome in his life, I wanted to reach out to him and offer my services, free of charge. Maurice agreed and came to our office. He says he didn’t even feel like he was in a dentist’s office while he was here!

For Maurice’s smile makeover, I first needed to perform a root canal. Maurice says he was comfortable during the procedure and did not feel any pain. Next, I reconstructed his cracked teeth with porcelain veneers to improve the overall appearance of his smile. After all the work was completed, Maurice’s smile matched his incredible personality. He says, “When I looked in a mirror for the first time I could hardly believe I was looking at myself. I was so used to having to hide my broken tooth, but now I could smile the biggest, most beautiful smile. Dr. Bardash made it so I wasn’t afraid to smile anymore.”

I am grateful to have been able to help out such an inspirational and humbled individual, and it is wonderful to hear how happy he is with his results!

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